Cotton Candy The Pink Alpaca


Cotton Candy, The Pink Alpaca is a book for anyone who feels a little different but knows the value that they have deep within them.

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Throughout his travels as a writer and illustrator, Uncle Dave has visited some of the most unique places in the states of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland. One of his most favorite places in the world is the Lippencott Alpaca Festival in the Waynesburg, PA area. The festival consists of the theme of Alpacas. No, they aren’t Llama’s. Check them out at

Uncle Dave has learned a lot from being at the festivals over the years and he’s thought about creating a book that touches on their distinctive character traits that moves from alpaca to alpaca. No two alpacas are the same. Uncle Dave wrote this book at one of the festivals and it features an alpaca who is very different in color and doesn’t realize that she is special…yet. Cotton Candy, the pink alpaca, has a color that no other alpaca has. She thinks she’s different and therefore she believes is bad. Little does she know that she’s a great alpaca and one that everyone recognizes and loves.

‘Cotton Candy, The Pink Alpaca’ is a book for anyone who feels a little different, but knows the value that they have deep within them. We have all felt that we are different, but remember, different isn’t bad. We all have qualities that we can share!

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

For kids ages 0-8 years old

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